Safe Flood Shield barriers are a

dry-flood proofing measure intended to provide temporary flood risk reduction at grade level openings in a building. These barriers are generally setup just prior to a flood event and are taken down immediately after the flood threat has passed. VuSafe Flood Shields offer practical advantages over sand bags and have been designed to be deployed by one person in most cases. They are made of lightweight composite board construction and are impervious to water and salt corrosion.

Pre-installed attachment points on the building align with pre-drilled holes in the shield’s perimeter framing. Setup of these barriers does not require any additional permanent xtures to which the barrier is attached.

These made-to-order product components include berglass reinforced panels with a nominal thickness of .5”, set into extruded aluminum framing pro les with gasket seals. The panel weight is approximately 1 lb./sq. ft.

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Florida Product Approval #FL 14664-R3     2020

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