Installation Guide for Retention Header System™

NOTE: Panels equipped with the Retention Header System's Panel Clips™ are only compatible with matching VuSafe Ultra-H™ headers.

It is very simple to install your VuSafe Panels. Please read through the instructions thoroughly before starting. It is a good idea to install your panels at least once before the onset of the hurricane season so that you are not attempting this for the first time while under threat of an approaching storm. If you have any questions please call 1-888-232-2331.

1. Prepare the locations to be protected:
Install any removable tracks ( Ultra-H header, Stud sills, F-tracks etc.). Insure proper anchorage to wall structure or floor surfaces. Slide the proper number of track bolts into any F tracks roughly aligning them with the panel spacing.

2. Match the numbered panels to each correspondingly numbered location:
The bottom of each panel has 3 keyhole punches. These will align with the stud bolts of the sill track. Install the first panel, securing loosely in the first two attachment keyholes using one washer and one wing nut for each. Leave the third panel hole open to receive the next panel.

Simply push the panels up into the Ultra-H header, rotate them toward the building, then lower them so that the Panel Clip is captured in the Ultra-H header's integral attachment groove.

Now guide the stud bolts through the bottom keyholes. Each subsequent panel is installed overlapping the previous at the common flange. Be sure not to tighten any wing nut hardware yet. As you work your way across the opening, jostle panels into vertical alignment.

Some openings will require that the last panel be overlapped by 50% or a half panel may be supplied.

If a center support is specified, (center of panel F track), the center of the panels will also be keyhole punched. Be sure to align the track bolts for this as you install each panel and again, leave these wing nuts loose.

3. Secure the panels:
Starting at one side of the opening, pull each panel downward until it is secure in the H-header attachment groove, then tighten down the first set of wing nut & washer. Proceed to the next panel and repeat, tightening the hardware at the first panel overlap. Repeat this procedure until all location panels are secure. Next, tighten any center support F-tracks and related hardware.



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